Are your shoes made from genuine leather?

Our leather shoes are made from synthetic leather.

Are your shoes comfortable to wear?

Definitely! We put a lot of thought into the customer's comfort during product development, our shoes are fitted with an extra thick insole to ensure the wearer's comfort.

Can the bead embroideries on the shoes fall out?

Under normal and reasonable wear, our bead embroideries prove to be extremely durable. Beads are directly hand sewn onto the material and we use high grade thread.

In the unlikely case of beads falling out due to rough wear or improper handling during shipping, we provide a repair service which can be read in more detail in the repairs section.



How do I place an order?

Simply place an order by choosing your desired product and size.

Why did my order got cancelled?

Your order might be cancelled if the product purchased is no longer available due to delays in making payment. Since our stocks are fairly limited, it will go to whichever customer who makes their payment first. So we recommend customers to make payment as soon as possible.

Can I make any changes to an already submitted order (address, shoe size, etc)

All orders are final and cannot be changed. Please review your order details carefully before submitting it.

Do you provide any special gifting services? I am buying your shoes as a gift.

Yes! Each of our orders is provided with a personal greeting card with your name handwritten on it. We can change the name on the card and even write in a few congratulatory messages that the customer would like to send to the receiver. We can also remove the price label if you prefer to ship the shoes directly to the receiver. Please put this in the note section upon check out. 

The shoes that I want to buy have ceased production. What should I do?

Unfortunately, we don't make the same shoes twice, so be sure to get them when we launch!



I am having trouble deciding which size to choose, what can I do?

Please refer to our Sizing Guide page for more information regarding product sizing.



On what days are shipments made? 

Shipments will be done during working days, from Monday to Friday. Please note that we do not make shipments during weekends and public holidays.

When will my product be delivered?

Your product will be delivered within 3 working days after the order is placed and paid for.

How much does it cost to ship to my address?

Shipment costs are counted based on rates provided by courier services of your choosing. Shipments are only done by Sicepat and we have automatically calculate your shipping cost. 

How much does your package weigh?

Normally, two shoes in a package weigh around 1 kilogram.

Do you do express/next day delivery?

Yes. Please choose the express delivery service of your liking when you make an order.

Do you do same day delivery?

No we don't. For same day delivery please head over to www.tokopedia.com/kavvi


I have not received my package for a while now, what can I do?

Please contact our customer service, we will gladly serve you and communicate with the courier service accordingly to sort out any issues as quick as possible.

Do you ship internationally?

Currently, we provide shipments to Singapore. For more information regarding international shipping rates, please contact our customer service.


Returns and Exchanges

Can I exchange my product for another size or model?

We have an exchange policy which can be reviewed by visiting our Returns and Exchanges page.

The product I received is wrong/defective. What should I do?

If the product you received is wrong or defective, please contact our customer service and we will provide a product exchange or refund at our own expense.

Can I have a refund for my product?

We have a returns policy which can be reviewed by visiting our Returns and Exchanges page.



My shoes got broken or damaged, can Kavvi repair it?

If your shoes got damaged or broken within the first month after your purchase, Kavvi provides a free of charge repair and exchange service, with free delivery. For shoes damaged or broken after one month, Kavvi will first assess the degree of damage and decide whether or not is is reparable. If it is reparable, repair costs will be made based on the damage assessment.